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    Want a new or salvage car?

    We buy and transport from USA to Ghana

    We buy used, repairable & salvage vehicles by auction 24/7 from USA to Ghana. Get your choiced cars, trucks, motorcycles & much more through us at cheaper cost.

    Courier/Parcel Service

    We offer a range of end-to-end freight services and transports freight faster, cheaper and easier. You list it, and we deliver it. We provide reliable, efficient, and fast mail, package, and freight order shipping to Ghana from USA. Since we offer door to door delivery from USA to Ghana, you will have to pay for international shipping. And then, sit back and relax. As soon as we get the orders in our US address, we will ship them to you. As we have been serving this industry for quite a long time now, we don’t charge you as much as you think. You pay a fraction of what you would make to USPS/Ghana Post, DHL, FedEx, or UPS.

    Who We Are

We've got you covered


Want Auctioned Cars?

Buying & Importing cars to Ghana just got a lot easier! We assist private buyers and dealers with buying and shipping cars from Auto Auctions in USA and Canada to Ghana. Get instant rates for international car shipping from the US and Ghana. We collect, load, insure and ship hundreds of cars to Ghana each year.


Freight Consolidation

We provide freight consolidation service. It is the process of combining multiple small shipments into one large shipment. This is cost saving and offers convenience of carpooling. A single company – or even several small businesses collaborating – can use one container or truck to ship their goods. When this combined cargo reaches the central consolidation center or distribution center, it’s separated, sorted, and combined into full truckloads to be delivered to our clients.


" This is the 2nd shipment I have used GoodLiveXpress services. The price was very competitive.Once I placed the order, they took over and accomplished the pickup and delivery without incident."

George Andah

"Great company to work with. Amazing customer service. Good cargo shipping rates, and easy to use."

Miriam Kumi

"Fast service from GoodLiveXpress. They have good rates, my go-to company for all my shipping services."

Wilfred Mensah